Gruning Precision Rifles/Exclusively Through PTC

Specifications For These Rifles Include The Following:
Truing the action to include; machining receiver face true to the      bore, truing bolt lugs and mate surfaces, lapping rails, and polishing the ramp.

Install Sako extractor

Chamfer ejector hole

Provide oversize bolt handle

Install match grade K&P barrel cut and turned to customer's specifications with 11 degree counter bored target crown. (other match barrels available)

Chamber true within aerospace tolerances (1/10,000 of an inch) to the bore.

Install oversized true recoil lug.

Adjust trigger and set to customer specification.

Re-tap receiver scope mount holes to larger 8/40 size.

Install McMillan A-2, A-3, A-4 Tactical Stock.

Pillar bed stock with steel devcon and free float barrel channel.

Matte finish all metal surfaces.

Price for rifle with customer providing Remington action $2000.00. (most standard calibers offered, other actions accepted)

Rifle completed within 90 days once all components assembled.

Other rifle and stock specifications available, call for pricing and information.

To Place an Order or for Additional Information:
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